Finding Chinese investors

For many decades, Chinese investors have been dominating the property investment markets – in the early 1980s and 1990s, there were led by Taiwanese and Hong Kong investors, in the 1990s, this was led by Singaporean and Malaysia Investors, and over the past 10 years, more and more cash rich mainland Chinese are looking for investment opportunities in high-quality homes, safe investments and luxury lifestyle.

Amy Lee, along with her team of international REALTORS®, specializes in reaching out potential investors and buyers in mainland China, below is a list of how we find Chinese Investors for your real estate projects:

1. It is very useful to have a real estate professional who speaks Chinese, and understand Chinese culture. Chinese investors do not show their “true wealth” until the very last minute, so you maybe surprised to see that you may end up selling many more units than just one property.

2. Our website is registered with Chinese language search engines – Google is just one of the many websites used in China and vast majority of Chinese Internet users do not use Google – they use their own search engines such as Baidu and Sina. As China is now the world’s largest Internet market with 300 million plus Internet users, it’s great way for casting out your opportunities to the Chinese communities.

3. Our Web Marketing Program send out regular e-mail campaigns and newsletters inviting Asian investors to sign up and receive latest offerings.

4. Working with real estate agents in China, Our team of real estate agents are very interested in selling international projects to their clients – as there is only limited property opportunities in Asia at moment.

5. Customize Chinese language brochure for your real estate project.